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  • Best Beach Towns
    There is something that separates a bona-fide beach town from just a seaside town, or, as we are in Cornwall, fishing village. Of course a town can be both, but with the term beach town come certain expectations.
  • 10 Loveliest Harbours
    Jutting into the often stormy Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall's 250 miles of rugged coastline offers only a handful of places sheltered enough to land a boat.
  • When to go
    Living in Cornwall it barely occurred to me that people might need to consider when is the best time to visit Cornwall. For me the simple answer is anytime, but I realise that probably isn't very helpful.
  • Ghosts of Newquay
    Newquay is more often associated with beach holidays, nightlife and surfing but this coastal town also has a darker side with several well documented hauntings.
  • Top 10 Castles
    The top 10 castles in Cornwall based on architecture, history and location. This list covers what we regard as the best castles and forts in Cornwall
  • Poldark Original Series Map
    Whilst the recent television adaptation of Poldark may have captured the attention of the nation with its prime-time Sunday evening slot, many will remember a similar scene nearly 40 years ago.