Henry Bone - Potter and Painter

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Henry Bone - Queen Elizabeth I portrait
Elizabeth I portrait

Henry Bone was born in Truro in 1755. He was particularly famous for his enamelling work. Bone began this sort of work in London, where he produced enamelled portraits, watches, brooches and fans. In 1801, he became enamel painter to George III. His large enamel portrait “Bacchus and Ariadne” was exhibited in 1811, when he was elected RA.

The Cornish landowner, Philip Rashleigh, commissioned Bone to produce paintings from his collection of minerals. These were later used for the engravings which Rashleigh used to illustrate his book on mineral specimens. Among the enamel portraits produced by Bone are those of George Washington, the Prince Regent – later George IV and George III. Many of his portraits were taken from earlier paintings and these included representations of Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots.

Bone died in 1834.