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Boscawen-Ros is located in the Boleigh area which is brimming with ancient sites. Less than a mile away from the Merry Maidens this solitary stone stands in the middle of a large wheat field. Also referred to as the Longstone, Boscawen-Ros is an impressive menhir rising to over 2 metres (7ft) in height.

Boscawen Ros standing stone
Boscawen Ros

The stone you see today is actually known as Boscawen-Ros east; originally it was one of two standing stones. The other, smaller, of the two stones now resides in a nearby hedge having been removed from its original site my a farmer in years gone by. This was apparently a common fate with pairs of stones - only one stone is left as it provides a useful rubbing post for cattle to scratch themselves on.

Boscawen-Ros east
Boscawen-Ros east

In the early 1900s it is reported that Boscawen-Ros was knocked down, although no further explanation is given. This raises the possibility that the standing stone may not be positioned exactly as it was. Whatever the case it does seem to form some alignments with other sites in the area. Lines plotted by antiquarians Michell and Lockyer show Boscawen-Ros aligns with both the Merry Maidens and one of the Pipers.