Cornish Piskies (Pixies)

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Of course, there are numerous tales about Cornish piskies, the local fairy folk. One is the tale of a little boy from St Allen, near Truro, who wandered into a dell close at home to pick some wild flowers. When his mother went to look for him, he could not be found. After three days of searching by the villagers, the child was found fast asleep in the very spot where his mother had last seen him.

The child did not know that any time had passed. He said he had heard a bird singing, while he was picking flowers, and had followed the sound of the lovely song into the woods. Suddenly it was night and there were lots of stars, but they weren’t really stars – they were piskies. They led him into a cave sparkling with jewels and gave him honey to eat before singing him to sleep. When he awoke, he was back in the dell.