Cassandra Latham - White Witch

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Cassandra Latham

Cassandra Latham
was adopted as a baby and grew up in Essex. She trained as a nurse and, following the death of her father, she worked as a private nurse to Rowena Cade, founder of the Minack Theatre.

She is a self-styled white witch but does not shun the use of modern technology, preferring a car to a broomstick. She even has a spell database on her computer! She was attracted to paganism in the eighties, after meeting other practitioners and was attracted by the role of women within these beliefs and the ideas of harnessing earth energy.

Having been unemployed for some time, she decided to offer professional services, using magic to help people find work, pass driving tests and locate lost objects, among other useful things. She describes her work as counselling with a twist and many of her treatments appear to be almost orthodox. Of course, it wouldn’t be witchcraft without the ritual.

Cassandra describes her position as the village wise woman of St Buryan. She advertises her services on the internet, but does not neglect the age old traditions of the Craft.

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