Porthmeor Stone

Porthmeor Standing Stone

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Megalithic Cow (Porthmeor Stone)
The Porthmeor Stone (and cow)
The ancient menhir known as Porthmeor Stone stands in a field a little south of the Gurnard's Head, just off the spectacular St Just to St Ives coast road. It is just over 2 metres tall and of sturdy appearance.
There is a footpath across the field that takes you right up to the stone, which is backed by panoramic views of the Penwith moors. The stone will often be surrounded by a variety of farm animals; usually cows but sometimes chickens and ducks!

The site was apparently excavated in 1879 but nothing of interest was discovered. It is a not ceratin if this is the original stone as there are some records of a stone here being broken up for road building in the 1800s.