Fistral Surf Report

As the UK's best known surf beach and birth place of surfing in Britain Fistral has a lot to live up to. The spotlight on Newquay's premiere surf beach has often led to people being dismissive about the actual quality of the waves - don't beleive the hype! Fistral really is one of the best beach breaks in Cornwall capable of producing powerful, hollow waves and working under a variety of conditions.

Facing WNW means Fistral picks up a good deal of any north coast swell running. It is also capable of holding it - there are often surfable waves here at 6-8ft and when it gets really huge there's always the Cribbar! As with all beaches the quality of the waves is dependent on the quality of the sand banks. Fistral seems to have fairly consistently good banks.

The beach works through all states of tide, except for Little Fistral (at the northern end) which only really exists at low tide. Little Fistral usually picks up a little more swell than the rest of the beach so can be a good call.

Perhaps the biggest negative aspect of surfing at Fistral is the crowds. As surfing becomes increasingly popular, Newquay and in particular, Fistral, are baring the brunt of this. On small summer days it's probably a good plan to try somewhere else. It does quieten down a lot in the winter, but not as much as it used to so you'd be pretty lucky to score epic Fistral to yourself.

At the northern end of Fistral in front of Towan head is the Cribbar, Cornwall's legendary big wave spot. Unlike many potential big wave spots around the coast the Cribbar has been surfed, and at over 20ft. Only a handful of surfers have braved the monster that is the Cribbar. The first were Jack Lydgate and visiting Aussie surfers Johnny McIlroy and Pete Russell back in 1966.

Sun 25/10

Surf report for Sun 25/10
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
6:00 15ft 12s  °  ° 26mph
18:00 14ft 16s  °  ° 20mph
Tide times
Low 5:32am (2.17m)
High 11:26am (4.50m)
Low 6:20pm (2.14m)
First light07:23

Mon 26/10

Surf report for Mon 26/10
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
6:00 12ft 14s  °  ° 20mph
12:00 11ft 14s  °  ° 23mph
18:00 11ft 13s  °  ° 22mph
Tide times
High 12:21am (4.23m)
Low 6:00am (2.30m)
High 11:59am (4.46m)
Low 6:52pm (2.11m)
First light07:25

Tue 27/10

Surf report for Tue 27/10
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
6:00 8ft 12s  °  ° 22mph
15:00 9ft 9s  °  ° 20mph
21:00 10ft 10s  °  ° 24mph
Tide times
High 12:50am (4.32m)
Low 7:25am (2.15m)
High 1:15pm (4.63m)
Low 8:03pm (1.86m)
First light06:26

Wed 28/10

Surf report for Wed 28/10
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
3:00 17ft 20s  °  ° 31mph
9:00 25ft 19s  °  ° 35mph
15:00 28ft 20s  °  ° 38mph
Tide times
High 1:53am (4.56m)
Low 8:26am (1.87m)
High 2:11pm (4.88m)
Low 8:55pm (1.59m)
First light06:28

Thu 29/10

Surf report for Thu 29/10
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
12:00 18ft 12s  °  ° 28mph
18:00 13ft 14s  °  ° 12mph
Tide times
High 2:40am (4.82m)
Low 9:14am (1.59m)
High 2:54pm (5.10m)
Low 9:36pm (1.37m)
First light06:29

Fri 30/10

Surf report for Fri 30/10
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
3:00 14ft 11s  °  ° 31mph
12:00 15ft 12s  °  ° 32mph