St Petroc's Church

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Bodmin church, St Petroc's
St Petroc's Church in Bodmin
St Petroc’s Church is the largest and one of the oldest parish churches in Cornwall. The present Church dates back to the between 1469 and 1472 although earlier churches existed on the same site back to 540AD when St Petroc and St Gerren founded an ecclesiastical settlement. This is where the name Bodmin comes from, "Bos-Menegh" in Cornish meaning "abode of monks" and the Church went on to play a central role in Bodmin’s history and development.

In an 12th Century ivory casket are the relics of St Petroc. Apparently these once included the Saint's head, however, in 1177 an Augustinian monk is reputed to have stolen the bones and taken them to Brittany. The relics were recovered by Prior Roger of Bodmin with some help from Henry II.

Other highlights of the church include a huge 12th century Norman font and carved misericords which feature amongst other things a man with five fingers and a thumb!