Kenidjack Common Holed Stones

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Kenidjack Common Holed Stones
Kenidjack Common Holed Stones

The five holed stones found on Kenidjack Common are somewhat of an enigma. Relatively little known when compared to neighbouring Tregeseal East stone circle and virtually unheard of when compared to the nearby superstar of the holed stone world, Mên-an-Tol. In common with other holed stones their purpose is somewhat of a mystery.

The stones themselves form a row of four, three of which are holed. There is a further stone, which was broken, that sits outside the main alignment. It is difficult to read any significance into the positions of the stones as they have been re-erected within living memory, possibly not exactly as originally placed.

The stones are all around 2 to 4 feet (0.8 to 1.4 m) in height with the holes being up to 4 inches (10cm) across. These holes have an hourglass profile.

View through Kenidjack / Tregeseal holed stone
View through Kenidjack holed stone

It is assumed that these stones date back to a similar period as the other sites scattered around Carn Kenidjack, i.e. late Neolithic-early Bronze Age. One can only speculate as to their purpose; it is possible they were intended to align with a nearby barrow. Perhaps originally the holes would have aligned with each other, or some other significant feature.

Back in 2011 the local council repaired the broken stone (above) by reattaching the two halves using stainless steel pins. It was also attached to a sunken stone base to add to its security.