Halangy Down Iron Age Village

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Halangy Ancient Village and Scillonian III
Halangy Ancient Village and Scillonian

If you want to find out more about Scilly's ancient past, head to the north of St Mary's and the fascinating remains of an Iron Age village. Halangy Down is an English Heritage site about two miles walk or cycle from Hugh Town, just below the older burial mound of Bant's Carn.

Halangy Down Iron Age Village
Halangy Down Iron Age Village

Excavations have shown that the settlement was lived in for a long time, with evidence of materials being reused and dwellings repaired or adapted. The post holes show that the dwellings had conical thatched roofs, and there are cubby holes within the thick walls (clearly, we've always loved a bit of storage). 

Halangy Down Settlement - Isles of Scilly
Halangy Down Settlement

It looks like the Iron Age village was still lived in during Romano British times, as one larger building appears to be a "courtyard house". This fine example is 90 feet long by 48 feet wide, and has three rooms. The surrounding landscape shows evidence of agriculture and animal husbandry.

It's a fascinating place to wander around. Make a day of it, and enjoy the (hilly) walk from Hugh Town. Head above the village to the Bronze Age entrance grave to delve yet further into St Mary's past, while enjoying the spectacular views out to sea. Both sites are free to visit and are open during daylight hours.