Cornwall Surf Guide

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Cornwall is widely regarded as the UK's go to surf destination. That's not a big surprise when you consider it has the longest coastline and most exposure to the Atlantic swells anywhere in mainland Britain.

Although not every bit of coast in Cornwall is surfable there are literally hundreds of spots that do. Some are well known, some are secrets, some are downright dangerous whilst others only break every five years.

In this section we have knocked together a quick guide to all Cornwall's top surf spots. These are the most consistent and accessible places to surf and as a rule if there is surf anywhere in Cornwall one of these spots will be worth a visit.

North Coast

Porthtowan Pig Dog surfing
Porthtowan Pig Dog

North Cornwall

Polzeath Surfer
Polzeath Surfer

South Coast

Porthcurno - Foamy pits
Porthcurno - Foamy pits