Bosigran Castle

Bosigran Castle - Promontory Fort

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Bosigran Sunset
Bosigran Sunset

Bosigran Castle is a very simple Iron Age cliff castle positioned on a rocky headland overlooking very steep granite cliffs. The castle mainly consists of a wall, around a hundred meters long, that was built across the headland, as if to enclose it. There are no defence ditches and no evidence that the enclosed area was occupied, rendering Bosigran Castle something of a mystery. Some sections of the wall, which reaches a height of one and a half meters and a thickness of four meters, consist of drystone backed with rubble, while other sections consist of large stones placed next to each other in a line. This suggests that it was repaired or rebuilt after the original construction.

Bosigran Castle lies on the coast path between Morvah and Zennor. The cliffs are very popular with climbers and there is parking in a lay-by off the coast road, next to a climber's refuge.