Sennen Surf Report

Being located at the very toe end of Cornwall, less than 2 miles from Land's End, Sennen picks up as much swell as any North Coast beach. It is also more likely to pick up Southerly swells wrapping around.

As a rule it is always bigger towards the northern end of the beach (North Rocks), often considerably. At a higher tide this can provide a good shorebreak.

There are usually a couple of good peaks in the middle of the beach off the valley but these are very much dependent on the state of the banks.

At a lower tide there is a fast (closey) right-hander that breaks towards the car park which can get good on the right day.

One of the best waves on the beach is the cafe wave which on a mid tide and big swell can provide some excellent rides.

For the more adventurous (suicidal) there is a reef about 100 metres off shore called the Cowloes. With a decent sized swell, hollow looking lefts can be seen cranking of the rocks here. The Cowloes have been surfed a few times but are still a bit of an unknown and seem to have lots of semi-submurged rocks in the wrong places.

Overall, Sennen is often a safe bet as it's crecsent shape can cope with winds from due east to south westerly. The fact that it's usually twice as big at the northern end means it never really gets maxed out.

These factors make it a wave suitable for all standards - it's also a good learners beach as the waves are often not very steep (plus there is board hire on the beach).

On the negative side it does get pretty busy in the summer.

Sat 19/09

Surf report for Sat 19/09
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
6:00 7ft 18s  °  ° 16mph
12:00 6ft 16s  °  ° 11mph
18:00 5ft 15s  °  ° 17mph
Tide times
Low 1:50am (0.41m)
High 7:17am (5.83m)
Low 2:07pm (0.51m)
High 7:37pm (5.90m)
First light06:33

Sun 20/09

Surf report for Sun 20/09
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
6:00 5ft 12s  °  ° 13mph
12:00 4ft 11s  °  ° 9mph
18:00 3ft 11s  °  ° 9mph
Tide times
Low 2:33am (0.58m)
High 7:59am (5.68m)
Low 2:51pm (0.71m)
High 8:21pm (5.66m)
First light06:34

Mon 21/09

Surf report for Mon 21/09
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
6:00 3ft 15s  °  ° 5mph
15:00 2ft 14s  °  ° 4mph
Tide times
Low 3:15am (0.88m)
High 8:44am (5.43m)
Low 3:34pm (1.04m)
High 9:07pm (5.30m)
First light06:36

Tue 22/09

Surf report for Tue 22/09
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
3:00 2ft 12s  °  ° 4mph
12:00 2ft 13s  °  ° 11mph
Tide times
Low 4:00am (1.28m)
High 9:32am (5.10m)
Low 4:22pm (1.43m)
High 9:59pm (4.89m)
First light06:37

Wed 23/09

Surf report for Wed 23/09
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
12:00 5ft 11s  °  ° 15mph
21:00 9ft 7s  °  ° 34mph
Tide times
Low 4:51am (1.70m)
High 10:30am (4.74m)
Low 5:21pm (1.81m)
High 11:08pm (4.49m)
First light06:39

Thu 24/09

Surf report for Thu 24/09
  Swell Period Swell direction Wind direction Wind speed
9:00 15ft 11s  °  ° 29mph
18:00 21ft 13s  °  ° 39mph
Tide times
Low 5:57am (2.05m)
High 11:50am (4.47m)
Low 6:41pm (2.06m)
First light06:40