Penwith Towns & Villages

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Penwith borough crest

Penwith is thearea of Cornwall which markes up the far west of the duchy. The area was one of Cornwall's six administrative districts until they were abolished in 2009. However, to a greater extent to Cornwall's other districts, the name Penwith continues to be used and refers to the geographic region - and some might say way of life - at the extreme tip of Great Britain.

Penwith map

Penwith is derived from the cornish words pen and wydh, which mean "headland" and "at the end" respectively. The motto on the district's crest is the Cornish "Kensa ha dewetha" which translates as "First and last", referring to the region's location. The crest also gives a nod to the old industries of fishing and mining along with a pair of choughs. These birds can now once again be spotted in certain spots along Penwith's cliff tops.

The region is characterised by its dramatic granite cliffs and stark open moorland which is littered with ancient sites.