Cornwall history - Cornish men and women, Past and present

Scientists, inventors and explorers

Politicians, military and royalty

  • King Arthur many legends associate him with Cornwall, particularly with Tintagel and Camelford
  • Sir John Arundell royalist commander
  • William Bligh captain of The Bounty, botanist, governor of New South Wales, admiral of the Royal Navy
  • Edward Boscawen admiral of the Royal Navy
  • Selina Cooper Suffragist, and first woman to represent the Independent Labour Party
  • General Gilbert Involved in conquest of Northern India
  • Gorlois - mythical Duke of Cornwall
  • Mark of Cornwall - Dark Ages Cornish ruler
  • Corineus legendary founder of Cornwall in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae

Art and literature

Cornish language, culture and history