Best Things to See & Do in Isles-Of-Scilly


  • Innisidgen Entrance Grave - Upper

    There are two Bronze Age entrance graves at Innisidgen Hill on St Mary's. This type of grave is unique to Scilly and West Cornwall in Britain, and is named after the long, open passage that led to a roofed chamber. The...

  • Giant's Tomb burial chamber - Porth Hellick

    The Giant's Tomb (also known as the Great Tomb) is the largest of a group of eight entrance graves at Porth Hellick. The site, Porth Hellick Down, is about a mile and a half east of Hugh Town on St Mary's, overlooking Porth...

  • Halangy Down Iron Age Village

    If you want to find out more about Scilly's ancient past, head to the north of St Mary's and the fascinating remains of an Iron Age village. Halangy Down is an English Heritage site about two miles walk or cycle from Hugh...

  • Bant's Carn Entrance Grave - Isles of Scilly

    Bant's Carn is a Bronze Age burial chamber on St Mary's, close to the remains of Halangy Down settlement. This typical Scillonian communal grave is a great example of its kind: large and well-preserved. It's now cared for by...

  • Tresco Abbey Gardens

    'A perennial Kew' - home to 20,000 exotic plants with species from 80 countries, ranging from Brazil to New Zealand and Burma to South Africa

  • Castle Vean - St Agnes, Isles of Scilly

    The Isles of Scilly, an archipelago lying some twenty eight miles south-west of Land's End, is famous for being Europe's top location for rare and migrant birds. With just five inhabited and around fifty uninhabited islands, the islands offer...

  • Cromwell's Castle - Tresco, Scilly

    17th-century round tower positioned on a rocky promontory guarding the anchorage between Bryher and Tresco.

  • Star Castle - St Marys - Scilly

    After the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588, the threat from Spain remained real, and the Crown continued to fortify the country's coasts. Scilly's Governor, Sir Francis Godolphin, oversaw the building of Star Castle in 1593, along with an...

  • Harry's Walls - St Mary's - Scilly

    16th-century fort built over St Mary's Pool harbour, but never finished

  • Buzza Hill Entrance Grave - Isles of Scilly

    Take a stroll up St Mary's Buzza Hill (above Porthcressa beach), and you'll come across this solitary prehistoric entrance grave. These graves are a type of Neolithic and Bronze Age burial chamber that are found only in the...

  • The 16th century Old Blockhouse is located at the southern end of Old Grimsby harbour on Tresco. It was built in the reign of Henry VIII as part of a series of coastal defences to protect against invasion from the French.

  • Garrison Walls - Woolpack Battery

    Extensive defensive walls and earthworks dating back to the 16th century

  • Obadiah's Barrow - Gugh - Scilly

    Obadiah's Barrow (also known as Obediah's Grave) is a Neolithic entrance grave on the island of Gugh. It's one of around 80 entrance graves found in the Scillies, and apart from West Cornwall and parts of the Republic of...

  • King Charles Castle - Tresco

    Remains of castle built for coastal defence on the north side of Tresco

  • St Warna's Well - St Agnes - Isles of Scilly

    Set on the western fringe of Wingletang Down, next to a small craggy cove on St Agnes' southern shore is St Warna's Well. Comprising of a stone-lined chamber beneath a grassy mound this holy well dates back to Celtic times...