Best Things to See & Do in Altarnun

  • Roughtor summit

    Bodmin Moor, one of Cornwall's designated Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, is a remote, bleak heather covered upland granite moorland still grazed by moorland ponies and bisected by the main A30 road.

  • The Hulers - Minions

    Although today Bodmin Moor is a sparsely populated wilderness area, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it was once a bustling hub of civilisation and many parts of the moor are literally covered with the remains of...

  • The coaching house immortalised by Daphne du Maurier in her novel of the same name, has stood on a high point Bodmin Moor for more than four centuries

  • Cheesewring - Minions

    On lonely, dramatic Bodmin Moor lies one of the most iconic sites in Cornwall: the Cheesewring. This granite tor gets its name from a cheesewring, a traditional gadget for squeezing the liquid out of cheese. It's also...

  • Trethorne Leisure Park

    The largest undercover attraction in North Cornwall, combining various activities for the whole family and meetings with lots of cuddly animals

  • Hidden Valley Discovery Park

    A wonderful mix of gardens, puzzles, nature trails and a miniature railway, Hidden Valley Discovery Park should appeal to all ages.

  • Roughtor summit

    Bodmin Moor remains one of Cornwall's few true wilderness areas. Much of the unspoilt high moorland has Open Access status, which means that members of the public have the right to walk freely within designated areas without having to stick to...

  • Dozmary Pool - Bodmin Moor

    In the heart of magical, mystical Bodmin Moor lies Dozmary Pool, steeped in mystery, myth, and legend. It's a fabulous location for picnics, photography, and peace and quiet, but the atmosphere is undoubtedly a little spooky. Even at the height...

  • V1 Rocket

    Located on the Second World War airfield on Davidstow Moor, the museum primarily covers the history of RAF Davidstow moor. In addition there are exhibits and information on other North Coast airfields, wartime life on the home front and some post-war military hardware.

  • Colliford Kids map

    [CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE] An action day out for all ages with a ball pool, rollers, net mazes, drop slides, cart rides and lots of indoor and outdoor attractions

  • Stripple Stones Circle-Henge
    Located on private farmland on Bodmin Moor, this stone circle from the late Neolithic period is unique in Cornwall as it is the only one build within a henge, that is to say a circular earth and stone mound, or at least the only one...