Restormel Towns & Villages

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Restormel Borough council crest

Restormel was one of six government districts in Cornwall from between 1974 and 2009. The district was abolished as part of structural changes to local government in England with all the boroughs falling under the control of the evil Cornwall Council(!).

The borough formed a swathe from coast to coast across the centre of Cornwall with St Austell in the South and Newquay on the North coast.

Restormel map

The name Restormel comes from the Cornish, meaning king's tower hill. This would have referred to the site of the Norman Restormel Castle which surveys much of the surrounding countryside. As seen on the crest, Restormel bourough's motto was the cornish "Ro an mor hag an tyr" which means "From the sea and from the land" - a reference to the areas fishing and China clay heritage.