Wayside Folk Museum (NOW CLOSED) // Zennor

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The museum closed in 2015

The natural features of land and sea ensured that the area around to Zennor was remote and inaccessible until around the start of the 19th century. Only pack animals and sledges brought goods to this part of Cornwall, as there were no roads. Such isolation helped to preserve both ancient implements and customs. Towards the middle of the 20th century, Colonel Freddie Hirst began collecting relics peculiar to Zennor which eventually became exhibits in the Wayside Museum. Today there are more than five thousand items in the collection, exhibited in sixteen different display areas. These include an extensive collection of photographs and detailed information about people who have lived in the area. Exhibits include waterwheels from the Cornish mining industry, a cobble's shop with an exhibition on the history of the museum, and an 18th century kitchen. There is also a mill building, containing original machinery and millstones, a collection of early agricultural implements and a blacksmith's forge. In addition there are lots of domestic implements, many of which can be handled to demonstrate their original use. Within the complex is a tea garden, gift shop and a children's museum with a quiz trail and certificate for children who participate. Zennor is situated on the coast road to Land's End, four miles west of St Ives. The museum is open daily between April and October each year.