Trengwainton Garden // Penzance

Located in Madron near Penzance. Woodland garden with views over Mounts Bay. Exotic trees and shrubs including tree ferns create a prehistoric feel

The Cornish word, Trengwainton, means the farm of the spring and the original house probably matched this description. A house certainly existed here in the 16th century, but the present building dates mainly from the early 19th century. This was when the estate was purchased by the Price family and many of the deciduous trees were planted. At this time there was also a vineyard and a series of experimental plant beds within a walled garden.

The garden at Trengwainton was developed mainly during the middle of the 20th century, from the time when the estate passed to the Bolitho family. During the 1920s many plants were grown from seeds imported from the Far East. Around this time, hybrid rhododendrons were planted along the original drive. A walled garden was developed further and houses many delicate species of plant. In the 1950s, the stream garden was planted alongside the new drive. Many bog plants flourish here.

Today there are several walled gardens, some of which contain interesting flowering trees and exotic climbing plants. The gardens also display some huge echiums. There is also a Camellia Walk, where several species of this plant can be found.

The property, which is on the outskirts of Penzance, is now owned by the National Trust and the gardens are open from the middle of February until the end of October each year.