Levant Mine // St Just

The engine house of the Levant mine, famous for its rich undersea deposits of both copper and tin, is situated on a cliff edge five miles from Land's End

Situated on a cliff edge five miles from Land's End, the main engine house houses the oldest beam engine in Cornwall, which has been fully restored and rebuilt and is now once more being driven by steam. The Levant mine is famous for rich undersea deposits of copper and tin and the workings which continued for more than a mile out under the Atlantic Ocean.

The Levant is known to have been worked from the late 18th century until 1930, and there is evidence of mining activity here as early as the Elizabethan period. The still intact winding engine is the sole surviving piece of machinery of the mine. It stands in the original house, exposed to the Atlantic gales and is the most westerly steam engine in England. The mine is one of the oldest in Cornwall.

In 1935 the beam engine was the first to be preserved on its working site by the Cornish Engine Preservation Society. Since 1967, it has been in the care of the National Trust.

The site is open at Easter, May and Spring Bank Holiday, on Sundays and Mondays. During June, it opens from Wednesday to Friday and on Sundays. From early July until October, Levant opens from Sunday until Friday each week. It is located off the north coast road between St Ives and Land's End.