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Newlyn Art Gallery
Newlyn Art Gallery

Public art gallery featuring contemporary art. Located on the edge of Newlyn Green, overlooking the sea, the gallery take full advantage of its position with the recent addition of a glass pavilion.

The Newlyn School of Art gave rise to some of the most important British painters of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, including the likes of Marjorie Francis Bruford and Walter Langley. Drawn to this area of Cornwall for the exquisite natural light, their patrons and supporters soon sought out a place to display their work, giving birth to the Newlyn Art Gallery in 1895. 

A major renovation and 125 years on, the gallery's ground floor hosts a constant series of exhibitions focussing on contemporary art themes, which have recently included retrospectives of the works of Breon O'Casey and Roger Hilton. An offshoot of the gallery in Penzance, known as The Exchange, opened in 2007 to substantial increase the exhibition space.