Cornwall's Seals, sharks, dolphins & whales

Cornwall is a fantastic place to explore what lurks beneath our waves. Whether you're an experienced diver, a keen snorkeller, or simply love delving into the myriad rock pools that line her jagged coastline, you will find a wealth of fascinating plants and animals to admire.

Cornwall's shoreline bristles with seaweeds, sponges, corals, jewel anemones, crabs, lobsters, clams and mussels, while dolphins, porpoises, seals, basking sharks, giant ocean sunfish, leatherback turtles, fin whales and even blue whales, the largest animal ever to have live on earth, have all been spotted further out to sea.

  • Sharks of Cornwall »

    Blue Shark
    Blue Shark

    Information on the sharks that can be found including the basking shark and maybe even the infamous great white
  • Whales, dolphins and seals »

    Grey Seal at Penberth Cove
    Grey Seal

    Guide to the seals, porpoises and cetaceans of the Cornish waters
  • Rock Pools »


    Poking around in rock pools isn't just for the kids - there's a whole world of discovery in there
  • Exotic summer visitors »

    Loggerhead Turtle
    Loggerhead Turtle

    Whether it is global warming or just ocean drifting Cornwall is a rare summer host to some exotic travellers