North Coast Storm - February 2014

Winter Storm - February 2014

Starts of slow but really gets going towards 2 minutes...

The winter of 2014 saw some of the most extreme weather to hit Cornwall in decades. A relentless procession of six massive Atlantic depressions sent huge waves and hurricane force winds slamming into the UK's coastline. The storm on February 8th 2014 was probably the biggest of all these storms to hit the North Cornish coast and it peaked in the middle of the day, right around high tide.

Armed with my camera I went filming along the coast from Godrevy to Newquay including almost throwing myself off Hell's Mouth. 

Probably the most spectacular footage was taken at Portreath on the high tide with massive waves bearing down on the harbour. The iconic "Monkey hut" on the end of the pier had already been destroyed by the previous storm. Given the size and power of the waves this day it seemed like the pier itself could be next...

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