Pilchards @ Port Gaverne // Port Isaac

Port Gaverne is a sheltered little cove close to Port Isaac, and home to the Port Gaverne Hotel & Restaurant. The hotel has recently launched its new venture, Pilchards @ Port Gaverne.

This cafe is right on the beach, with the waves practically lapping the decking at high water. If you want a table near the sea, they don't come closer than this. Chef Tom Mackins has created a menu that makes the most of the local larder, with plenty of seafood to choose from.

With its beachside location, there's a relaxed feel to the new cafe. Walkers on the coat path are welcome to stop in for a hot drink along the way, while sand-coated families can enjoy skin-on fries followed by ice cream. If you want a romantic meal of steak and good wine as the sun sets and the waves gently splash, that works here, too.