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Fowey Museum
Fowey Museum

Although small, occupying just a single room, the Fowey Museum nonetheless has a formidable collection of artefacts on display. They include authentic boat building tools from the age of the tall ships, the contents of a medieval garde-robe (or rubbish dump!), and perhaps more unexpected, a cape worn by Giuseppe Garibaldi, the general who unified Italy in the 1860s.

Indeed, the museum building itself is worthy of preservation and admiration, being one of the oldest structures in Fowey. It dates back to the 1400s.

Far from being a dusty collection of forgotten items, the museum's collection is regularly rotated, so that visitors are able to see objects that have previously been hidden from public view in the museum's store rooms.

Fowey Museum is open Monday to Friday from Easter until the end of September. Adult admission is just £1. You'll find it in pride of place on the riverfront by the quay.