Eden Project // St Austell

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The Eden Project is a collection of giant, multi-domed greenhouse, containing plants from various regions of the globe. It is located in a disused China clay quarry just outside St Austell with the 'biomes' built against the walls of the pit.

Perhaps the most impressive of the domes is the Humid Tropics Biome. It's a multi-domed greenhouse that recreates the natural environment of a tropical rainforest. Hundreds of trees and other plants from rainforests in South America, Africa, Asia and Australia are housed within the greenhouse. The biome is 787 feet (240 m) long, 180 ft (55 m) high and measures 360 ft (110 m) across.

I personally prefer the Warm Temperate Biome. It primarily houses plants from temperate rainforests around the world such as Southern Africa, the Mediterranean and California.Temperate rainforests are similar to tropical ones in that they receive a high volume of rain every year, however, since they are farther away from the equator than tropical rainforests, they do experience distinct seasons.

As well as these giant biomes there is also a wealth of plant life from around the world in the 'roofless biome' or outside if you prefer! Owing to Cornwall's mild, temperate climate, certain plants from Chile, the Himalayas, Asia and Australia thrive here.

The Eden Project is not only about giant greenhouses, there is also an educational/environmental mission. In their own words: ' To promote the understanding and responsible management of the vital relationship between plants, people and resources leading to a sustainable future for all'