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Dairyland Farm Park

Farming has been carried on at DairyLand Farm World for a very long time. Tresillian Barton, is believed to have been the home farm of the Tresillian estate since mediaeval times; there are certainly records from the 14th century. The present farming business was started by Frederick Davey in 1924. In 1938, this was expanded to include a machinery repair business, following the death of the local blacksmith. The same family have continued to work the farm, which today is known as DairyLand Farm World.

During a visit to America, Rex Davey saw a new design of milking parlour which had caused so much local interest that it had been opened to the public at weekends. Consequently, the family decided to install the new Rotary design of parlour, to upgrade the milking facilities to cope with a bigger herd. This design provided a perfect setting for the public to view the milking process. This farm became one of the first in the UK to open its doors to the public.

Since 1975, DairyLand and the farm have been family owned and run, offering entertainment for visitors of all ages. There are mini JCBs, cable rides, junior Rally-Karts, pony rides, an assault course and of course the animals. These include piglets, kittens, kids, lambs, rabbits, donkeys and poultry. There are even a few more exotic creatures such as chinchillas, chipmunks and meerkats.

In the milking parlour 150 Friesian cows are milked each day in the merry-go-round parlour. This is the heart of the farm and is designed to give visitors an amazing view of modern milking. Visitors can learn how cows produce milk in addition to trying some clotted cream and real Cornish ice cream.

There is a wonderful restored collection of World War 1 tractors in the tractor house and in the smithy it is possible to see how the blacksmith worked. His tools, his furnace and the iron work he might have made are all here. The extraordinary collection of machinery, memorabilia, artefacts, tools and ephemera covers all aspects of rural life.

The Bull Pen Indoor Play Area is designed with all ages. There are mini play areas for toddlers and the Adventure Zone for older children. There are astra slides, drop slides, ball pools, climbing nets, a fireman’s pole, a tumble tower and much more.

The Heritage Centre is an all-weather facility, with exhibits covering three hundred years of Cornish farming history. It is home to the Millstream Garden where there are Victorian working wheels, horse rounds, corn mills, turbines and waterwheels. Outside are around seventy five acres of carefully conserved landscape includes a sheltered valley, woodland and trout lakes. There are lots of trails to explore whilst enjoying the views and seeing all kinds of wildlife, flora and fauna.

The Lakes are an area supporting a range of wildlife, including diving beetles, water snails, dragonflies, frogs, toads, newts and leeches. A heron visits regularly to fish in the lakes and recently pure white egrets have begun to visit. Wild mallard nest here and there are usually a few moorhens too. Even otters visit the area, in search of food. There are plenty of picnic places around Dairyland, including some on the Nature Trail. Fresh dairy produce, food and drink are available at the Country Gift Shop and Clarabelle’s Kitchen and Shop.

Dairyland Farm World is open daily from the beginning of April until the end of October each year and the Bull Pen Indoor Play area is open at selected times during the winter months.