Bosvigo Garden // Truro

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Although there has been a house at Bosvigo since the 13th century, the garden has only been developed since the latter part of the 20th century. Alterations to the present 18th century house have made it possible to construct an attractive walled garden and to utilise the splendid conservatory which now houses many interesting tender species of roses and climbers and offers seats for those wishing to sit and savour the perfumes of the plants.

Different parts of the gardens display particular colour effects. The walled garden is predominantly pink and blue pastels, with old fashioned climbing roses and clematis around the walls. On the other hand, the four beds of the Vean Garden are mainly gold and white with a sprinkling of blue. The beech trees in the slope of woodland, shelter a variety of bulbs and herbaceous plants, changing with the various seasons. Buried deep in the woods is the Hot Garden, alive with fiery reds, yellows and oranges, particularly bright in late summer.

Unlike many other Cornish gardens, Bosvigo is not close to the sea but not far from Truro city centre, surrounded by suburbia. It is open from March to September each year. There is a small nursery shop, selling some of the lovely plants to be found in the garden, and a car park for visitors.