Cornish Mines and Engines // Redruth

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The National Trust site Cornish Mines and Engines offers an insight into the mining heritage of Cornwall. The old engine houses are dramatic reminders of a time when the county was an important centre of tin, copper and china clay mining. The two giant beam engines on the site were used to pump water from a depth of 550 metres and to transport both men and ore between the mining levels and the surface. These engines were originally powered by high pressure steam, as introduced by the well-known local engineer Richard Trevithick. Today one of them is powered by electricity.

The fascinating Industrial Discovery Centre and a social history exhibition are also on this site, providing an all round overview of Cornwall's industrial past. There is an interesting audio-visual presentation.

The site is situated at Pool, between Redruth and Camborne, close to the A30 junction for Camborne East. There is free parking at the main car park shared with Morrison's superstore. Various facilities are available on site.