A Walk on Zennor Carn

Exploring the Carn, Quoit and Haunted House

Rising over 100 metres (300ft) above the village below Zennor Carn is an imposing backdrop - and quite a hike. Once at the top there's plenty of interesting exploring to be done with a couple of ancient sites, some fantastical rock formations and a few ruins, including a reputedly haunted cottage.

I set off with the intention of quickly filming some of these points of interest and then heading home. However, once at the top of the hill I realised I didn't really have a clue where any of them were! Add to this the ground being a little on the soggy side in places and I spent a lot longer up here than I planned.

One fortunate unintended consequence of all this was I came across the abandoned Carne Cottage. There isn't really much to the cottage itself, but there it has lots of history, much of which is a little dark. Most notably it has been linked to Aleister Crowley the infamous occultist who lived in Zennor during the 1930s. It is suggested that the sudden death of a local well-to-do lady in the cottage was linked to some kind of satanic ritual Crowley performed. It is also claimed the tennant at the time went mad.

Besides the cottage the main point of interest was Zennor Quoit. Although it is in a somewhat collapsed state it is still impressively large and it is a mystery how the 12.5 ton capstone got into position.

Nearby Sperris Quoit is a bit harder to find, possibly on account of there not really being much of it left. To be honest it just looks like a few random stones, with the capstone having long vanished.

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