Penzance Storm - February 2014

I can't remember if this was the second or third of the huge storms that crashed through Cornwall in February 2014, but it wasn't the last.

There were two storms that February which particularly affected the South coast. Between them they caused a huge amount of damage in the area. Penzance Promenade, the Jubilee Pool and Newlyn Green received a beating and repairs are ongoing a year later. Further along the south coast the piers at Lamorna and Mullion were severely damaged and much of the sand from Praa Sands beach disappeared overnight.

This short film mostly focuses on the dramatic explosions as the massive groundswell ploughed into Penzance's seafront. As you can maybe see it was closed off, and for good reason; not only was water thrown high in the air, a fair few granite blocks from the promenade itself were hurled some distance.

Music: BenSound - License here

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