Rame Head chapel

Rame is the small village central to the dramatic and high-cliffed Rame Head with its commanding views of coastline, beyond St Austell on a clear day, and of the Eddystone lighthouse 10 miles out to sea.

Rame’s main claim to fame is the role it played in warning of the Spanish Armada’s arrival in 1588. For it was here, where now stand the ruins of a 14th century chapel, that a beacon was lit. Also of note is the ancient and still candle-lit church of St Germanus, a simple affair in local Pentewan stone.

View to Rame Head
View to Rame Head

The headland and much of the surrounding countryside belong to the estate of Mount Edgcumbe house. This elegant, and in its time avant-garde, house and country park, peppered with follies and ornate gardens, are open to the public.