Blas Burgerworks // St Ives

"Burgers for people who give a damn!" Blas Burgerworks has been famous for its succulent offerings for years. A victim of its own success, Blas' tiny restaurant was just too small for the hungry customers who flocked here for the flavoursome burgers. But problem solved: Blas now majors on takeaways.

As well as the legendary beef, chicken and bean burgers, Blas offers rotisserie chicken, and a special rotisserie of the day (example: Trevaskis pork). With sides, nibbles and drinks to order, you can easily put together a veritable takeaway feast.  Good news: all the burgers come with chips. 

Blas advises booking your takeout in advance, by phone or email. Top fact: blas  is Cornish for tasty. Says it all.