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Pirate's Quest

Pirate's quest is a Cornish family-friendly walk-through experience sending visitors 300 years back through their talented theatrical actors and magnificently built sets. It makes visitors believe they're actually living in the Golden Age of Piracy.

Pirates Quest is inclusive of Adventure Golf, where the one-hour-long journey will begin at the Shipwreck Cove, which is the wreck of the Royal Anne Galley. This is a pirate hunter's ship that wrecked off the coast of Cornwall in 1721. A pirate guide will be handing out a treasure map to all the young ones. The participants have to complete three different quests, all filled with amazing adventures and thrills. Participants will have to spot various letters or animals to earn points on the treasure map, which can be redeemed for a gift at the Treasure Gift Shop at the end.

Pirate's Quest - Newquay

You will encounter many real-life pirates on your way as well. As you embark on your pirate journey, here's what you can expect:

* Pirate Treasure Trove: Explore the county's coves to learn about the mysteries they hold. While camping in Cornwall, look for pirate treasure and locate 'Hooligan's Hideout,' where ferocious buccaneers and boisterous rogues might be discovered hiding out.
* Smuggler's Passage: It's a hot spot for Cornish smugglers, swashbucklers, and outcasts. You can navigate the twists and turns of this secret passage and meet the famous John Carter, the mischievous smuggler known as The King of Prussia.
The Locker of Davy Jones: There is even a scarier pathway for people looking for that extra thrill. Those who are brave enough can grab a glow-in-the-dark golf ball and enter The Locker of Davy Jones, a spooky graveyard of lost ships and souls that serves as a final resting place for history's most nefarious mariners, from Ned Low to Eustace the Monk!
The Captain's Ship: Embark on the great galleon of the crew! Avoid the infamous Cornish Wreckers by steering the ship clear of the cliffs and study the fascinating history of 'walking the plank.' Then go below decks to see the Sunken City of Lyonesse and the fabled Mermaid of Zennor through the portholes.