Pedn Vounder beach and Treen cliffs

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Gazing down on the crystal clear waters of Pedn Vounder beach near Porthcurno.

You may notice two things when you look at the beach below. First, it doesn't exactly look accessible and secondly there are people down there! There is actually a "path" down but it's almost as much a climb as a walk - I know, I've done it with a surfboard.

At really low tides, you can walk around from neighbouring Porthcurno.

The other thing you need to know is that this is considered West Cornwall's premiere nudist beach.

The name Pedn Vounder is the Cornish 'pedn' (head, end) and 'vounder' (lane), i.e. Lane's end.

In the distance are the cliffs of Treen, home to the famous Logan Rocks.

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