St Nectan’s Kieve

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St Nectan's Kieve is the name given to the waterfall at St Nectan's Glen near Tintagel. The 60 ft (18 m) waterfall is fed by the Trevillet River which runs through St Nectan's Glen before flowing out to sea via Rocky Valley.

As well as being particularly picturesque the site is also believed by many to be a sacred place. It is reputed that the sixth-century Saint Nectan had his hermitage cell at the top of the waterfall and would ring a silver bell to warn ships of the dangerous rocks on the coast nearby.Today people adorn the site with ribbons, crystals and prayers.

St Nectan's Glen is designated a Site of Special Scientific on account of its flora and fauna. It is also privately owned and whilst entry to the glen is free a charge is made to visit the waterfall.

Photo: © Andy Fox

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