Walk around Botallack Mine

Exploring the real Wheal Leisure

A windy winter's walk from the National Trust car park at Botallack down to the Crowns Engine Houses. En route I explore the old arsenic labyrinths where smoke from the calciner was funelled. It was then the job of some poor minion to go in and scrape the deadly white residue off the walls!

After this it's all downhill along the precipitous cliffs towards the iconic engine house perched just above the waves. Some of you may recognise the mine from the Poldark TV series where (with the help of a little CGI) the twin engine houses were transformed into Wheal Leisure.

In reality one of the houses was home to a huge pump and the other the winding engine to pull men and tin out of the mine. The shaft itself starts in the gully just beyond the Crowns and sinks down far below the sea bed at a 45 degree angle.

The video is shot in 4K however the sound isn't great - just a force 6 north-westerly on a cheap microphone - you may want to mute it!

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