Newquay - Harbour, beaches & Town

4K Walking tour and drone views

For this video I made a particularly early start on a perfect summer's day. Arriving at the harbour for around 6am I found I wasn't the only person up and about - a reminder that tourism isn't the only business in town, although I'd guess a fair bit of the catch ends up on the tables of local restaurants.

After a good nose around the harbour I moved onto the beaches. Towan is the closest and is instantly recognisable from the house perched on a towering island linked by a suspension bridge. A sight such as this demanded I get the drone out and take to the skies. In fact I filmed most of the series of beaches that make up Newquay Bay from the air.

Still well before nine o'clock, I headed into town. Quite a different scene to later in the day I'd imagine with only a few people around as the shops began opening up. This is pretty much the extent of Newquay's town centre - Bank Street and East Street.

There are a few other sights in Newquay worth checking out, but I only had time for one more - the biggest and best beach in town - Fistral. Facing straight into the Atlantic swells and with golden sands stretching for nearly a mile Fistral beach is a haven for surfers and families alike. It also boasts great facilities and is home to not one, but two of the best restaurants in Newquay.

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