Kenidjack Valley - Land, Sea and Air

Kenidjack Valley near St Just

A short film exploring one of my favourite places near St Just. Kenidjack Valley is a wonderful place; it is a mixture of beautiful and dramatic scenery with a good dose of mining history. As you walk down the valley surroundings change from wooded pasture to the rugged cove that lies in the lee of Cape Cornwall.

A hundred years ago the little stream, which presumably carved the valley, used to power one of the biggest water wheels in the mining industry. These days it is generally a much quieter place, except for the pounding of the waves. 
Kenidjack is also a bit of a twitcher's paradise with autumn always bringing in some rare sightings.

This was filmed both using my normal camera and my flying camera. It was my first proper test flight for the DJI Phantom and it probably wan't ideal as it was windy and the terrain is a little challenging. Still, got some nice footage...

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