Horse Riding

Riding and equestrian

Being a largely rural county Cornwall is blessed with a wonderful range of countryside; from the high windswept moors of Bodmin and the west to wide sandy beaches where you can gallop through the surf. It really doesn't matter whether you're an experienced rider with your own horse, or have never ridden before Cornwall is ideal.

As well as there being plenty of quiet lanes and open land, Cornwall is criss-crossed with a host of bridleways and trails. These date back to the days of pack horses and/or the mining industry. The best known of these are the multi-user trails such as the Camel Trail and Mineral Tramways, but there are many, many more. 

Of all the riding routes in Cornwall the Kernow Horse Trail is the most extensive and established. Making use of existing trails, tracks and bridleways the Kernow Horse Trail stretches from Lands End right to the Devon border, cutting through the scenic and varied countryside in the heart of Cornwall.