Portwrinkle Harbour

Portwrinkle was traditionally a fishing village and evidence of its past exists in the 17th century walls of the pilchard cellars that are still in existance. However, now-a-days the main attraction is the it’s proximity to the vast expanse of fine sand that is Whitsand Bay. Despite being a popular summer destination for throngs of people from nearby Plymouth, crowds are absorbed easily on this beach which spans 4 miles. In the cliffs here look out for the Sharrow Grotto, apparently excavated by one seaman many years ago in a bid to ease gout. There’s an interesting inscription carved into the stone.

The Whitsand Bay Hotel is located at Portwrinkle, with another small beach and at the top of the cliff is the Crafthole golf course. Scattered further along the cliffs above the long beach are a rather motley collection of wooden shacks and holiday chalets.