Stormy Crowns Engine Houses

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The Crowns Engine houses in Botallack near St Just on a sunny February afternoon. It just so happens that this sunny afternoon coincided with the arrival of storm Imogen along with gale force winds and mountainous seas.

Although you can't tell from the frozen capsule of time that is this photo, it was so windy I could barely stand up. On top of that the air was full of sea spray and the camera lens was getting fogged over every couple of minutes. But you wouldn't guess that by looking - except maybe for the 20-30 foot waves crashing into the granite cliffs. The Crowns Engines houses are a pretty spectacular spot at anytime, but they really come into their own when there is a raging storm.

It is difficult to imagine that only a hundred years ago this was a place of work. What is even more difficult to imagine is that these engine houses were built to pump the water out of the shafts that run out under that raging sea.

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