Sharrow Grot - Whitsand Bay

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Towards the end of Sharrow Point in Whitsand Bay is this little cave. It probably wouldn't have drawn my attention if it hadn't been for the gate across it.

The grotto is known as Sharrow Grot and was excavated by ex-navy purser James Lugger in the 1780s. It measures around 15ft deep, 18ft wide and 7ft high and on one of the walls is inscribed a poem which gives us some insight into why he built it:

But, as thou walk’st should sudden storms arise,

Red lightnings flash, or thunder shake the skies,

To Sharrows friendly grot in haste retreat,

And find safe shelter and a rocky seat.

And just to let us known how his gout fared he added:

By this, and exercise, here oft endured

The gout itself for many years was cured.

In retrospect I should have taken a photo to include the backdrop....

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