Polperro fish market memorial

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This fish artwork on the side of the fish market in Polperro is in fact a memorial to James (Jim) Beddoes who died in 2006. Jim Beddoes was best known as the owner of the 550 space Crumplehorn car park at the top of Polperro. Without doubt he did very well out of this but it seems Jim was deserving of this success.

He arrived in Polperro in the late 1940s with almost nothing, apparently renting a gypsy caravan along with his wife. A founder by trade Jim built up a business making little metal trinkets, buying a forge and shop in the town. A true entrepreneur Jim saw the potential of the meadow at the head of the town, the rest is history!

However, it is his generosity and community spirit that this fish sculpture in the centre of Polperro celebrates.

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