Kennall Vale

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The beautiful woodland of Kennall Vale in Ponsanooth between Redruth and Penryn. This 20 acre wooded valley is now a nature reserve run by the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. As you can see nature is certainly in charge now with the valley's industrial heritage being colonised by mosses, ferns and ivy. The granite buildings are the old powder mills that a hundred years ago produced gunpowder for the mining industry. The mills operated between 1812 and 1914 but eventually gunpowder was replaced by newer high explosives and the valley deserted. There are quite a number of old buildings along the course of the River Kennall as it passes along the valley as the mills were all water powered. Back when they operated there were over 50 buildings on the site. Now their crumbling ruins serve to add a palpable air of history to these lovely woods.

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