Hanover Cove, St Agnes

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This remarkable landscape reminds me more of Thailand than the North Cornish coast, but it is!

Located about half way between St Agnes and Perranporth this is Hanover Cove. The name comes from a ship that was wrecked here in 1763. 'The Hanover' was a a 100ft two-mast square rigger brigantine which was sailing from Lisbon to Falmouth carrying £60,000 in gold and valuables (worth £50 million today).

This area of coast, just west of Cligga head was very heavily mined so I'm not sure if the rock formations here are natural or the result of mining activity.

The beach in the background is apparently accessible at low tides when you can walk around the headland. I have to say I didn't see any obvious (or appealing) ways of getting down the cliffs though!

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