Giant's Heart Stone - St Michael's Mount

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Set in the cobbled path, leading up to the castle on St Michael's Mount is this heart-shaped rock. Of course there is a story attached to such an intriguing formed stone, and this being Cornwall, it involves giants!

Legend states that this stone is the petrified heart of the Cormoran, one of the most fearsome giants to have inhabited Cornwall. He made his home atop of the mount and when he wasn't hurling stones at other giants he made a general nuisance of himself by stealing livestock and terrifying the locals. Enter Jack the Giant Killer.

Jack's cunning plan was to dig an enormous hole and lure the giant Cormoran into it. It worked, and the giant was never seen again. All that remained was his stone heart. The legend continues that if you put your ear near enough to the heart stone you will hear the giant's heartbeat...

Photo: LoggaWiggler

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