The Giant's Quoit - Carwynnen

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A closer look at the "Giant's Quoit" at Carwynnen near Camborne.

This Neolithic cromlech dates back around 5000 years. However, it hasn't always looked like this. Over it's long history Carwynnen Quoit has collapsed at least twice and both times has been re-erected.

The first time the quoit fell down was in 1842 but the estate owner, Elizabeth Pendarves, was quick to have her workers rebuild the monument.

The last time the quoit collapsed was in 1966 and this was apparently due to a minor earthquake. This time Carwynnen Quoit sat in a heap for the best part of 50 years.

In 2014 The Sustainable Trust lead efforts to bring the stones to their original upright position. It is hope this time they will remain standing fro a few more millennia.

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