Fradgan Cottages - Newlyn

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A row of cottages in one of the streets off Orchard Place in Newlyn's historic Fradgan area. This is the oldest part of Newlyn, and possibly the most characterful - or it certainly was.

Back in 1935 plans were made by Penzance Borough council to modernise Newlyn, declaring most of the old town a slum. Cottages like this were lined up for compulsory purchase and demolition under the plans.

However, the people of Newlyn had very different ideas and rallied the well-connected Newlyn artists community to pull strings. The best known, and perhaps most effective, protest though was the sailing of local fishing boat the 'Rosebud' up the River Thames to Westminster. The story made frontpage news and to a large extent saved Newlyn's historic cottages.

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